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The Art of Design

Designo Motoring is a one stop consulting company focused on producing highly personalized vehicles.  Whether you’re looking for a vehicle to purchase or have an individual touch to add to a current vehicle, we can accommodate any task at hand.  Clients come to our facility with ideas and visions of how they want their vehicle to look, sound, and perform.  Our role is to take that vision and turn it into a reality.  With the help of state of the art technologies, the highest quality components, and an outside the box approach, Designo Motoring focuses on where the manufacturer left off and where the client wants to advance.

We handle many different scales of projects ranging from very intuitive and intricately detailed builds to routine maintenances.  Our ability to handle and accommodate all aspects of modification includes:  Performance and engine tuning, upholstery and interior modifications, interior and exterior electronics, aerodynamic styling, suspension upgrades, braking systems, and all other manner of custom fabrication and design work.

“Our creative approach to work processes, problem solving, fabrication, and design collaboration are all at the core of our detailed work philosophy.”





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